Patent holder no. CZ 299351 B6

Direct pay, s.r.o. company vision:

We want to enforce our industrial rights on the market so that customers can legally use the principles and benefits of a patent owned by Direct Pay company.

Direct pay, s.r.o. and our patent:

A patent is an intellectual property that can only be granted to an invention which is considered new and a result of an industrially usable innovative activity. An invention is considering a new one if it hasn’t been a part of any other ‘state of the art’ technology at the time of filing patent applications.

The ‘state of the art’ technology is everything that was published before the patent application filing date, whether in the Czech Republic or anywhere else abroad.

Direct pay s.r.o. is the owner of the invention patent No. CZ 299351 B6.
The inventor of the invention - protected by Patent No. CZ 299351 B6 - was the first in the world to practically describe the usable idea of an on-line contactless transactions’ software (payments, transfers) without the need to use a hardware chip in a mobile phone. The patent application was filed at the Industrial Property Office on 26.7.2007 and the patent for the invention was granted on 21.5.2008.

“In 2007, the IPO conducted a full, global search to grant this patent, essentially in accordance with their duties. Based on this copyrighted work, no similar documents or applications were found that

would prevent the IPO from granting a patent to Direct pay s.r.o.” Quote by Martin Cechl, Managing Director


Direct pay, s.r.o. (hereafter referred to as "Dpay"), through its partner companies, will offer both to license and sublicense for the use & utilisation of the CZ 299351 B6 patent in all market segments.
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Our history:

In 2002, Direct pay s.r.o. dedicated its activities towards the mobile payments’ sector and authorized PATENTSERVIS Praha a.s. to research mobile phone payments via SMS. MEGA-TEL AG from Switzerland was one of the companies considered by Direct pay s.r.o. with business potential. After personal negotiations with MEGA-TEL AG in Zürich, Direct pay s.r.o. acquired licence for payments made via SMS messages (EP 1 178 444 B1), for which we paid license fees until 2006. The patent was granted to MEGA-TEL AG on 3.3.2004.

In 2006, we withdrew from the contract with MEGA-TEL AG and started to develop payment applications into mobile phones. During this period, we have invested significant amounts in developing platform and market research.


Direct pay, s.r.o.

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